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Science Communication, Illustrations, & Zoo Collaborations


I have been working with Zoo Atlanta on research, education, outreach, and public engagement since 2018. Recently Cassie Shriver and I worked on publishing a guide on how to create effective university-zoo collaborations. For more info on the paper see below. 


I have been working with Zoo Atlanta, and Center for Education Integrating Mathematics, Sciences, Computing (CEISMC) at Georgia Tech on how we can gain knowledge from Bio-Inspired Design. If you're interested in having me virtually visit and talk about bio-inspired robots, materials, and more please reach out! 

Technology Class

The Student Organization Tech4Wildlife @ Georgia Tech is looking to expand outreach to local Zoos, Schools, and more to work on finding new ways for students to get involved at early ages in conservation technology projects and programs. For more information visit their website and reach out to the Vice President!


Through my research I've been able to talk to other scientists and streamers about my research, my life, mental health, conservation, and conservation technology. This has been capped by being on Conservation Cast twice with host Maya raising thousands of dollars for different conservation organizations throughout the world. Catch Conservation Casts live on Fridays on Maya's Twitch Channel. Maya has started a non-profit animal sanctuary for which I am lucky enough to be an associate! Check out Maya's Channel, Alveus's channel, & their website! Consider Donating to Alveus if you're interested! 

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