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Andrew Schulz Science Group 
Mammalian Biomechanics Researcher, Bio-Inspired Materials & Sensing, Human-Wildlife Centered Design Educator, - Germany

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I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, studying biomechanics and biorobotic tails and their applications to conservation technology. I recently got my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. My research thesis is on the Mechanics and Materials of the African Elephant Trunk with Applications to Conservation Technology. I worked to understand how the elephant trunk can move in so many complex ways without having any bones or joints...only muscles and skin. I am now beginning the faculty job search for a tenure track position in engineering applied to conservation and bio-inspired robotics and materials. I also work to understand how STEM scientists can help impact conservation through technology and human-centered design, which has led to international work with the Giant Panda, African elephant, cheetah, and western-lowland gorilla. 


Science Communication is more important now than ever with miscommunication and a lack of scientific literacy throughout the world. I work through a variety of platforms including Social Media, Live Streaming, Conservation Education Programs, Volunteering, and more. To find out more about my different science communication see the events and tabs below. 

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I currently stream science and technology education on twitch discussing education, my research, and other science I love



I've worked on writing a few different sci comm articles to engage others in my work and story



I've organized local community events centered around my research and engaging with educators



I work as a Conservation Educator working with different organization to educate the public on conservation, wildlife management, and more


Currently, we are working to increase the Conservation Technology (CT) community of scientists, engineers, and technologists at Georgia Tech through a course known as Tech4Wildlife. This course has expanded to a student organization and we are working on understanding how other universities, organizations, and educators can implement interdisciplinary CT into their teaching.

Learn More (Illustration done by B. Seleb)

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We have a group of interdisciplinary high school, undergraduate, and masters students from around the globe! Currently, there are no research assistantships opening on our team, but if you'd like to check out the team see them below! Above is a picture from Fall 2022!

Herd of Elephants


Want to collaborate or find out more about my work?

Send me an Email:

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